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    I have worked with Claudia for several years now, where she has done most of our recruitment processes. Claudia show genuine interest in finding the right candidates for our business. She shows understanding of our needs and requirements. So far she has done a brilliant job for us. I can highly recommend her as a business partener.

    Søren Broge
    Factory Manager - PVA Factory & TEQ Factory at
    Alfa Laval
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    Working with Claudia was a great and most rewarding experience. I wish that all recruiters would have the same decency, respect, prompt feedback, communication and consideration for a candidate. I would recommend Claudia to all my friends and acquantancies, because I know they would get the best help they could find.

    Daniela A Barsan
    Quality Systems Manager
    GEFCO, An Astec Industries Company
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    [...] Working in a non-Romanian company and being new to the local labour market conditions Claudia has provided me with in depth knowledge of possibilities and constraint that has been of the highest value for the success of growth for my department. 
    Apart from her basic skills and experience within the HR area, I have found Claudia to set unprecedented standard in terms of ethic in guiding the candidates both the ones having the job opportunity offered but also for the ones that need a helping hand and good advice to continue their professional career path.

    Per Due
    Technical Manager
    Vestas aircoil
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    Claudia is very dedicated to her work, she is a detail-oriented person with excellent soft skills and a positive attitude. I've enjoyed working with her, she's extremely well organized and reliable.
    I recommend her for recruitment and selection processes. I highly believe that she would be an asset to any company, as she's always focusing on adding extra value to both employer and employee.

    Beatrice Bârgăoanu
    OSF Global Services
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    I have collaborate with Claudia in many occasions with her as independent recruiter and me as part of the recruiting process. Since I know her she always showed passion for her job and that passion is visible in all aspects of her work. She treat both the employer and candidates with the same responsibility and professionalism which makes her work valuable for the company I work for.

    Ioan Gheorghe Motrescu
    Project Manager
    VP Industries
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    When it comes to filling in job vacancies, I prefer to work with Mrs. Szanto. She makes the recruiting process both for the candidates and for us, as employer, easy, transparent and fun. People recommended by her got hired within our company and eventually proved to have been the right decision.

    Ioana Campean
    Toledo - sisteme de ambalare
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    I highly recommend Claudia as a recruiter. She is excellent at reading skills and personality attributes and finding the perfect fit. She is thorough in communicating and setting expectations on both sides of the aisle. Her preparation and screening abilities are excellent which help create the win-win in the end for all parties involved. Claudia also has a great ability of building strong rapport with candidates, coworkers and management and this is one of the reasons why she is an effective recruiter and would be an asset to any organisation.

    Ramona Matu
    Recruitment Specialist
    CGS Romania
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    I am very pleased by her professionalism. She have high experience as recruitment, that is truth. Ms. Claudia Szanto is a very good specialist. Trust you that and you will be convinced.

    Ioan Culda
    W.C.R Hayes ENG


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    Claudia found my current job, she’s a true professional recruiter, well prepared, always available to give extra information and answer all of your question. She was the perfect connection between me and the my current employer. From the employee point of view, working with Claudia made my decision taking the job much more easier.

    Radu Parvu
    Techical Design Engineer
    VP Industries
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    It was a pleasure to collaborate with Claudia.
    She has proven real professionalism when giving me all the informations that I needed, in a very short amount of time. This has helped me in making my decision.
    I would highly recommend Claudia to anyone who is trying to find the right employee for the right job.

    Delia Dogaru
    Design Engineer
    Tata Technologies
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    Thank’s to you i got my first job as a design engineer, now i’m working as a car interior design specialist and i have almost four years of experience as a designer, you helped me with lot of my questions and fast answer for them witch was very important at that moment. So..... again, thank you for the opportunity.

    Dragos-Alexandru Dumitrean
    CAD Designer
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    A professional recruiter who cares about people's needs and wishes.

    Cristina Iascu
    Production Planner
    VP Industries