• Claudia found my current job, she’s a true professional recruiter, well prepared, always available to give extra information and answer all of your question. She was the perfect connection between me and the my current employer. From the employee point of view, working with Claudia made my decision taking the job much more easier.

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    Radu Parvu
    Techical Design Engineer
    VP Industries
  • It was a pleasure to collaborate with Claudia.
    She has proven real professionalism when giving me all the informations that I needed, in a very short amount of time. This has helped me in making my decision.
    I would highly recommend Claudia to anyone who is trying to find the right employee for the right job.

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    Delia Dogaru
    Design Engineer
    Tata Technologies
  • Thank’s to you i got my first job as a design engineer, now i’m working as a car interior design specialist and i have almost four years of experience as a designer, you helped me with lot of my questions and fast answer for them witch was very important at that moment. So..... again, thank you for the opportunity.

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    Dragos-Alexandru Dumitrean
    CAD Designer